Chhavi Rajawat at Conversations with Namu Kini

Chhavi Rajawat is the Sarpanch of Soda, a village in Rajasthan that needs everything from clean drinking water and proper sanitation to good schools and better infrastructure. Armed with an MBA, her wits and the will to help her people, Chhavi shares her successes, battles and hopes for Soda...

tribal woman

Food security bill – A boon or a bane?

The President of India signed the Food security bill and now it becomes a law ready to be implemented. The Food security bill assumes to cater the needs of presumably 67% of the Indian population. It comes as a tagline that this will benefit the poor despite the Government’s...


Minimum Support Price system for forest produce

The government recently gave a go ahead to the Minimum Support Price system for forest produce in the tribal areas that are Naxal affected. This means that for the forest based products in this area only the agencies authorized by the Government or the state would have the right...

Shg bank linkage

SHG bank linkage – Some cases

SHG bank linkage is a program that helps Self help groups procure short term loans from the banks in order to fund any micro-enterprise or any developmental activities. This scheme has been around for a long time and several other organizations and Government institutions have been encouraging it. This...

organic farming

Organic farming – The basic debate

The world today at large is endorsing organic farming. It is being widely debated that chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are being applied on the crops are ending up making the crops harmful for consumption. Also it is being said that the chemical fertilizers and pesticides are depleting the...


How to kill a tribal

There have been several ways that a tribal has been defined in India. If we go by the standard definition used during the national Census then they are referred to as scheduled tribes and they contributed 8.2% to the total population of India. It is quite substantial for a...